KENDAMA is one of my recommend gift in Japan

History of KENDAMA

The origin of KENDAMA started in French around 16th century, which is called Cup and Ball at modern century. In those days upper-class people, especially among aristocrats, played with it.

Etching (16th century in French)

The Cup and Ball was introduced into Japan around 19th century with the Cup customised as a Japanese Sake container.

『拳会角力図会・下』 Quotation

Street culture in Japan

Nowadays KENDAMA has been gradually spreading in young people as a trend. The design of KENDAMA is produced not only old familiar people but also for teenagers in street culture. What modern KENDAMA brought is the fusion between traditional and modern Japanese culture. The wood material comes from traditional industry and the design of ball comes from modern stylish design.

At the present teenagers or young people  has been advancing towards street culture with KENDAMA. They mix it with dancing. IJI is a Japanese performer using KENDAMA and freestyle dance.

Recommend shop

If you're planing to trip to Japan, I recommend KENDAMA for gifts.

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