How to send an image data from local file

I was trying to post image data from local PC area as well as from Smartphone. I have been using XMLHttpRequest by adding an extra header with queries so that server-side can catch them.
21 Apr 2020
3 min read
Javascript, Animation

ScrollLeft doesn’t work in JavaScript

While I implemented carousel slider, I accidentally faced the trouble which scrollLeft property was not under control.
8 Apr 2020
2 min read

Ajax and Pjax

I’m going to talk about pushState. I’ve lernt the technology by using pjax.
8 Apr 2020
1 min read
Javascript, optimize

How I optimized legacy code

Tuning the performance encouraged me in deep understanding of the web structure. In this post, I will explain how I approached to improve the website.
8 Apr 2020
6 min read